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How to change text style on android?

Smartphone has become an essential part of our life. We use it on a daily basis. But sometimes we need new things and customize things according to our conditions. The best part of the smartphone is that it provides customization options. Anybody can do customization according to his interest

Smartphone also provides phone customization option. If you are Samsung, Vivo, Infinix, or any other android smartphone then you can easily change it. 

I am going to provide a quick guide on how you can do it in a very quick and easy way.


There are many ways to change text style in android. I shall describe all the ways how to do it. 

1-Go to settings

2-Find Display settings

3-Find Font settings.

Note: This method is for all kinds of mobiles. But this method may vary on mobile to mobile. Each mobile has different settings.

How to change the text style on Infinix?

It is different to change the font from other smartphones. In the Infinix you need to go to the Xtreme to change the font style.

1-Go to XTheme

2-Click on Discovery in the right bottom

3-Tap  on the Font option 

4-Click on the font style 

5-Download it

6-Apply it.

How to change the text style on Samsung?

Many android users use Samsung phones in their daily routine. It is very easy to change text style in Samsung.

1-Open Settings.

2-Tap Display.

3-Tap Font and screen zoom.

4-Select your choice of Font Style 

5-Apply it.

Note: If you don’t like these fonts then you can download it from Samsung Glaxy Store.

How to change the text style on Xiaomi?

Xiaomi is another famous smartphone-making company. It provides high-quality products with the best user experience. It is becoming popular among people day by day. If you are a Xiaomi then you can follow these steps to change the text style.

1-Go to the Themes app.

2-Select Fonts.

3-Choose font

4-Apply the font you want.

How to change the text style on Oppo?

Oppo is another famous brand that provides high-quality rich products with the best user experience. Oppo A 37 version was from one of the best versions of this company. If you are an oppo user and want to change text style just follow these instructions.

1-Open the Theme Store. 

2-Tap the Font icon – it’s a T in a box.

3-Select font

4-Download it

5-Apply it.


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How to change the text style on Vivo?

Vivo font changing is very easy just follow the instruction.

1-Open the Theme app.

2-Tap on the Font icon in the bottom bar.

3-Choose the font you want 

4-Apply it. 

Note: Vivo also provides paid fonts if you want to use them then you can do it.

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How to change the text style on Vivo?

Change font on Vivo in this way.

1-Go to Settings.

2-Open Customization.

3-Set the font you want.

How to change the text style on LG phones?

1-Open Settings.

2-Go to Display.

3-Tap on Font.

4-Select the font you want

5-Download it

6-Apply it.

How to change the font style using Nova Launcher?

Nova launcher is an android app that you can use to change the text and font style of your mobile phone if you don’t understand how to change it. It is reliable. It also has the best UI/UX design with the best user experience.

You can easily download it from this link click here.

Now let’ us know how to change the settings of it.

1-Open app

2-Tap on Home Screen or App drawer or Folders

Note: You have to change the font for all one by one

3-Click on font settings

4-Download font

5-Apply it.

There are also other font apps that are best to use . These are the following

1-Fontfix-Change font

2-iFont(Expert in fonts)


In this article, I have explained all about changing font and text style. I have described all methods that how you can change the font without any app. If you are not a technical person then you I also describe apps that you can use to change font style on your android smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I change the font style on the phone for free?

Yes, you can use font style on your phone for free. Most smartphones provide free fonts to change. But there is also some paid font you can avoid them using.

Is it possible to use custom fonts?

Yes, you can use custom fonts but you have to download them in their smartphone respective stores. 

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