How to create Business Account on Pinterest in 2022?

Pinterest is a social website designed to share images, Gifs, and videos to provide information. It has become very popular in a few years. More than a 370Million people visit it every month and it is growing gradually.

Account creation

Pinterest is very easy to use. It has a very simple UI design. A person with the non-technical background can easily create an account. Here is a quick guide.

1-Go to

2-Click on sign up

3-Enter details like name, email, and password

4-Pinterest will send you an email, verifying it

Congratulations! A simple Pinterest account has been created. It is very easily done.


Pinterest’s simple account has limited features but it is best for people who want to promote their ideas. It has some features which are in the following.

Profile Optimize

Pinterest provides profile editing options like other platforms. You can edit your name, about section, etc. 

You can also optimize your niche by using appropriate keywords. You can put them in the first name, second name, and about section. Choose brand logo.

Pins/Pin idea creation

On Pinterest, you can create your ideas and put them in the form of images or videos.

How to create a Business account on Pinterest

A business account is different from a simple account. There are many features of using a business account. There is a lot of options to increase your ranking on Pinterest. Here is a guide to creating a business account.

1-Go to

2-click on Create account

3-Put Your details in the form

4-Follow the steps 

In this way, you can create your business account. You can also select an ads account if you are thinking about running ads on Pinterest.

How to convert an existing account into a business account? 

Pinterest also provides an option to convert your existing account into a business account. If someone has created a personal account but he is thinking about running ads on it then you can easily do it. You can follow these steps.

1-Go to the dropdown menu of profile>setting

2- Go to Settings>account setting>convert a business account

3-Click on convert upgrade account 

4-Fill Your business name and website address

5-Select country and language

6-Describe about your brand

7-If you have woocomerce,Shopify etc website then you can select this option if not then select something else at the bottom

8-Select ads running option if you want to do it.

9-Start creating pins on your business profile.

In this way, you can easily create your business account from your personal account.


The business account is different from the personal account. It has many features. These are described in the following.

1-Business Profile

Pinterest provides many options to business profiles regarding boosting the profile which will definitely boost your business. Like all websites, you can update your name, description, website link, address, etc. But I am talking about other features which are in the following.

1-Claim accounts

Pinterest provides options to link your account with other platforms. As a business account holder, you can claim the following accounts


B-Shopify store




Note: Sometimes you may see only the website and Shopify option that’s mean you are not from the USA. You should be from the USA for these features.

2-Bulk Pins creation

No other social media platform provides this feature to create a bulk post. You can create 200 pins at a time using Pinterest. It means you will get a high ranking. You can create up to 200 posts per day.


Pinterest provides pins views, clicks, and save pins. Moreover, you can also see in the future how will your pins will perform. It makes it different from other analytics websites.

Track pins by visiting analytics. Go to the menu and click on analytics>overview.

4-Trends Finding

Pinterest has amazing features. If you are familiar with google trends then you know the importance of finding trends. You can find trends on Pinterest. You can also know about monthly searches. In this way, you can get grip on Pinterest algorithms.

Just go to Analytics>trends. You can also search on google about pinterst trends, then it will redirect you to 


Pinterest also provides its business account holders to run ads. It is a very effective way to generate sales from it. Many big companies run ads for lead generations.

For creating ads go to ads>create. Just follow the easy steps to do it.


If you are a business owner and want to promote your products on it. Then you can easily integrate your store like woocomerce, etsy etc . You can import products from there and sell it on pinterst. It will boostup your business.


In this article, I have described all about the personal account creation method and its features like profile editing, pins, and pin idea creation. I also described the business account. How you can create it? It also provides features like analytics, ads, catalog options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a business account from my current profile?

Yes, you can go to settings>account setting>convert a business account> upgrade account.

Can I run ads on Pinterest?

Yes like other social media platforms you can easily run ads on Pinterest.

Is it possible to earn from a business account?

Yes, there are many ways to earn money from Pinterest like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, product selling, and lead generation. Pinterest is also creating its creator programs but it is for limited people.

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