How to earn up to 1000$/month using pinterest?

Pinterest is a social image-sharing website that is designed to discover information using images, GIFs, and videos. People can upload informational images and videos to share their experiences with other people. It is the best platform for content creators and digital marketers. 

Pinterest is also the best place to earn money because the majority of the traffic is from the U.S.A. It is a high-paying and consuming country in the world. More than 175 million people users visit Pinterest every month in this country.

Why should you use  Pinterest?

Do you want to earn money? Then you should use Pinterest for digital marketing. More than 870 million people visit Pinterest every month and it is growing every day. More than 67% of traffic is women base. Moreover, the content keeps on optimizing every day for 3-4 months. Like other social media platforms, it only boosts content only for 2-3 days. So it may become a huge traffic source for websites and products.

Methods of earning from Pinterest.

Traffic is the best source to earn money. Loyal traffic is directly proportional to income. If you have loyal and huge traffic then your earnings will increase day by day. Here I am going to share with you a few earning methods which you can use to earn money from Pinterest.


2-Affiliate Marketing

3-Promoting Bran Products

4-Blog Traffic Generating

5-Teaching Pinterest

6-Pinterest creator Program


Fiverr is a freelancing platform where digital services could be sold to the people who are looking for them. It is based on Gigs. People list their services and their prices, and customers who are looking for specific tasks can buy the gig and get their work in a specific time slot.

Fiverr could be the best platform for you as a Pinterest marketing manager. Many people are earning thousands of dollars by selling Pinterest marketing management services. 

You can verify how people are earning money from Pinterest, just go to and search “Pinterest Marketing”, see the result and choose any gig and go to the details. There you can see a list of orders and orders in the queue.

Here is an example. People are selling their services and their starting price is $40,$100, and $135. It means if anyone gets 10 orders with a price of $100 then he can easily earn $1000 in a month and his earnings will increase month by month. 

Why are you waiting for? Just to Fiverr and create an account.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other brands’ products and earning a commission on each sale. It has become a very important earning source for bloggers, YouTubers, and content creators. 

Affiliate marketing has huge earning potential and it is gradually increasing day by day. The average annual income of an affiliate marketer is $65,800 per year.

Pinterest could be the best income source for you as an affiliate marketer. You can promote products on it. In no time you will get huge traffic and it will surely make sales.

Ok, now the question will be how to start affiliate marketing on Pinterest. Here is a quick guide.

First of all you should choose an affiliate program like amazon, Ali express, etc.

Secondly, choose a niche (e.g, trending on Pinterest )

The third step choose a product related to the niche

The fourth step is to create an account and optimize it

In the next step, you should create pins. You can use Canva for creating amazing images. Upload them using this method.

A 1-Create business account on Pinterest

2-Create high-quality content related to the product

3-Do keyword research

4- Upload your pins with the title and keywords in the tags section. 

5-Put affiliate link

Note: Pinterest may ban your direct link for this purpose you should create your blog site.

Is it really work? Yes, it will work but you need to be consistent and do hard work otherwise it will not work for you.

Promoting products

Similarly, to affiliate marketing, a brand can sell its own products on Pinterest. Many big brands like Nike and Adidas are selling products through Pinterest.  They are creating millions of traffic from it and as a result, they are making thousands of dollars.

They are brands they can do but can you do it? Yes, you can also do that. Many people are doing dropshipping they are selling products in their stores. You can also follow this method to earn money. 

Blog Traffic Generating

Blogging has become a passive source of income for bloggers and digital marketing. If you are doing blogging for a long time and you are not earning anything then you can earn money and increase it day by day.

Basically, there are many ways to earn money from blogging but the majority of people choose Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. 

Pinterest traffic is the best way to increase traffic on your blog which will be loyal and will surely go to your website if you have created quality content. In result your AdSense click and product sales will increase.

Many people are earning thousands of dollars from blogging. The average blogger earning is $50,000 per year. You can see huge potential in it.

Teaching Pinterest

Teaching is the best source of income for all kinds of people. But here I am talking about teachers. If you are a good learner. Then you can learn Pinterest and then you can teach it to others. In the course, you can tell how to do viral pins, optimize, do keyword research, etc. 

By teaching others you can ask them for payment. I hope it will surely work for all kinds of people. You can also list your course on Udemy,Coursera. Many people don’t have any idea about its potential of it.

Pinterest creator Program

Pinterest is also started monetizing the pins and content creators’ profiles. It is only available for USA people. There are specific requirements for a monetization plan

1-Account should have 250 followers

2-Account should be from the USA 

3-Three idea pins in 30 days

4-150 saves from publishing pins in 30 days

5-create original content. 


In this article, I have explained all about earning methods from Pinterest earning. I have described 6 ways to make money. I hope you will like the article. If you have any questions then you can ask them in the comment section.


Is there competition in Pinterest marketing?

Yes, there is competition in it but as a content creator, you can create unique content which will make you different from others.

Can I create traffic for my blog from Pinterest?

Yes, you can create traffic from Pinterest. Many people are doing the same thing.

Do most women use Pinterest?

Yes, almost 67% of women are using their Pinterest accounts to find out new information and ideas about their daily life.

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