How to see old messages on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media app like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. It uses pictures and video filters which makes it unique from other social media apps.

Sometimes we make a mistake and delete some messages. We don’t know how to recover them. Don’t worry today, you will learn how you can see old messages on Snapchat.

Snapchat deletes unopened chat history after a specific time from its server. You may delete some messages you want to get them back. 

Can you recover the conservation history and old deleted messages? Yes, you can do both things.

How to see old messages on the Snapchat mobile app.

This is a very simple way to recover old messages from Snapchat. You can follow these 7 steps.

Step 1-Open Snapchat.

Step 2-Login into your account

Step 3-Click on your profile

Step 4-Go to settings

Step 5-Click on  My Data under the privacy section

Note: You may ask to log in here again.

You can see all your data here. You can download 

  • old Snapchat conservation history
  • Deleted Messages 
  • Story and Account History

Step 6-Scroll down, confirm your email and  click on submit the request

Step 7-They will send all your Snapchat history to your email. Open your email and click on the download link.

All your data will be in the zip file. That’s why you need to install the zip extractor app on your mobile

Note: On iPhone, all method is the same. You can follow these instructions to recover Snapchat data on your iPhone too.

There may be some issues due to the zip file on your mobile. Maybe you are not able to open it.

How to see old data on Snapchat from a PC.

 In that case, you can follow this method on your Pc or Computer to recover Snapchat data.

Step 1- Go to website

Step 2-Login into your account

Step 3-Tap on the My Data button

Step 4- Scroll down to the bottom, confirm your email and submit the request

Step 5-They will send all data to your email. You can download it from there.

Step 6-Extract the zip file on your computer.

Step 7-Open that folder, and there will be an index.html 

Step 8-Double-click on it. Congratulations, you can see all your Snapchat history.

Using a third-party app to recover old Snapchat messages?

There are some third-party apps you can use to recover your Snapchat old history.

Some apps require a data cable connection on your pc and others require a USB debugging option.

However, they are not perfect. It may be an issue for some newbies who are not much familiar with the latest updates.

So the most recommended method is that you should follow official website guidelines so you can easily do it and your time should not be wasted.

If you want to use these apps then use it your own risk.


Snapchat has improved its user experience a lot.

They are working on finding solutions for their users. They are updating themself with the passage of time.

You can use Snapchat in your daily life. It provides many features, like photographic pictures.

Make sure your read the guidelines of Snapchat to become the master of its app.

How to check old messages on Snapchat without scrolling it?

Submit a request for recovering data, download a zip file, extract and open it, open the index.html file, and open Snapchat message history. You can read messages without scrolling.

how to see old messages on Snapchat iPhone?

You can follow the above method to read old deleted messages from Snapchat.

Can you see snap chat conservation history of others?

No, you can not see the conversation history of others until you have a zip file. You can not access or hack others’ accounts. Because it’s illegal.

How long does a message stay on Snapchat?

Snapchat deleted all messages, pictures, and videos from its server after recipients have seen them.

They delete all unopen data from groups or persona chats after 30 days.

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