How to Use WhatsApp on desktop/PC in 2022?

Do you work on a Computer or a Laptop? You want to use WhatsApp on your desktop but you don’t know. A few days ago one of my friends who works as a freelancer ask me that is it possible to use WhatsApp on a desktop with the same number. I said yes it is possible. I told him the way to use it and today I shall also teach you that method too. So let’s begin.

Methods of Using WhatsApp:

If you want to use WhatsApp on your desktop there are two methods to do it.

a-Using web browser

b- Using Desktop Application

1-Using web browser

If you don’t want to use a desktop application or you want to use WhatsApp app on your desktop for a temporary then you can use it. Simply follow these steps:

1-Go to google and search Whatsapp web

2-Click on the link

3-It Will open a page that will contain a QR code and the Scanning process.

4-Open WhatsApp from your mobile 

5-Go to Three dots in the top right corner

6-Click on Link devices and then click on the Link device button

7-Scan QR code from here to your web

8-It will take a few seconds to open

Congratulations you have successfully done it. Now you can see your friend’s and groups’ messages. You can send them messages, files, documents, etc.

Note: You can not make a call from a web browser to anyone

2-Using Desktop Application

You are professional and you want that I should always login into my WhatsApp account even if my mobile is not available. So in that case I recommend you to use the desktop WhatsApp application. Because your account will not log out when your mobile is away or your internet connection is lost. Here is a simple step to follow to use the WhatsApp desktop application.

1-Go to google 

2-Search download WhatsApp desktop

3-You can download it from

4-After downloading the open app.

5-Open mobile app

6-Click on three dots and click on link devices

7-Scan QR Code from app to desktop application

Now you have successfully login into your WhatsApp desktop application. You can use it when you want. It does not require the phone and desktop should be connected at the same time.

How to log out of WhatsApp from the Desktop?

Sometimes we use WhatsApp on other PC or on office laptops. We don’t want that anybody can read our personal or private chat so we want to log out. In that case, you can do it very easily.

In the web browser

To logout from a web browser you can follow these easy steps:

1-Go to three dots on the left side

2-It will open the menu

3-Go to the logout button at the end of the list

It will be easily logout from your account from a web browser.

In the desktop application

You can follow the same method to log out from your desktop application as you have followed in the web browser.

Difference btween mobile and desktop version

There are many features that do not work on the desktop version of WhatsApp. You may face some limitations to use it. Here I have described the limitations you may face while using WhatsApp on a desktop.

1-You can not make audio and video calls from the desktop version

2-You can not send stickers which you have to save from your mobile

3- You can not see all your previous chat history

4-You can not save new contacts

5-You are not able to upload status from the desktop version


In this article, I have explained all about using WhatsApp on your desktop. You can easily use it. There are two methods. One is using a web browser and the second is a desktop application. You can log in by linking devices and scanning QR codes from mobile to desktop. You can also log out when you want to do it. There are also some limitations to using it on the desktop version like you can not make calls and upload status.


Can I see all my WhatsApp history on the Desktop?

No, you can only see messages you have sent from your desktop or one-month-old history.

Is it secure to use a web browser for Whatsapp?

Yes, it is secure and nobody can read your chat until you allow him. You can log out when you want to do it.

How many devices I can log in to at one time?

You can log in to 4 different devices. After that, you will not able to login into new device,

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