Why do We fail in Life?

Once there was a men’s race in a big city. Many big names from the city came to take part in the race. It was a tough race. The track was divided into different kinds of difficulties. In the starting there was a clean path, next level there was water, after that there was mud, some rocky path, and some barriers. In simple words, we can say it was a challenging race for everyone. A big amount of money was assigned to the winner. Everybody wants to win the race.

 Finally, the day came and the race began to start. There was a sixteen-year-old boy. People laugh at him. Everyone was thinking that everybody can win the race but this boy will not. But the boy did not listen to anyone and he keep ongoing. He started crossing the hurdles one by one. In the end, the boy wins the race.No body believes that it is possible. Finally, people asked him why did you succeed? Why do other people fail? He replied, “I focus on my Goal and I did not focus on negative things people were saying.”

Why do we fail in our life? We can learn it from this story. The reasons you fail in your life are these.

Fear of Failure

The biggest reason you fail in your life is you think if you started you will fail. After that what will think people about that? These thoughts came into our minds and we don’t start. Remember that if you don’t fail you don’t succeed. As there is a famous saying:

“Don’t let the fear of failure stop you, the world needs your greatness”.

The first step towards success is to start. If you don’t start you will regret being late. Don’t waste time, don’t lose heart, don’t wait for the perfect time, take a chance and make it perfect. No matter if you fail or succeed the motive is to start.

Lack of Persistence:

Persistence is the key to success. Many people fail because they quit. They don’t do their work consistently. When they start work, they do it for a few days or weeks. After that, they feel they are not succeeding in that field. They make their own views about it they are not made for it. So they decided to quiet. Remember that:

“Quiter never wins and a winner never quite”

The reason you are failing, again and again, is that you are not persistent in your goal. You should make a goal and work on it consistently. One day will come when you will succeed.No matter how much time is required, no matter how much energy is consumed,no matter how much money is wasted, you should be persistent.

Once Henry Ford asks his employees to assemble eight pistons into one engine to make his dream car. His employees said it’s impossible. He said I want to do this and start work on it. After six months he again called for them. They replied they did not succeed. After one year they fail again and again. After a few years, they succeeded. They succeeded because they did nto quit the work. They keep on working on it.

lack of clearance

Ask a question yourself if you are asked to aim at the board with your gun while there is a wall between you and the board. You will say it’s impossible to do. Now I am asking you, You want to succeed you don’t have clarity on what I want to do. Then is it possible for you to achieve your goal? You will say it’s not possible. You are right. If we want to achieve anything in our life then we should set our goals for what we want to achieve. Let say you want to achieve money, marks in exams or you want to marry someone.Now you have a clear goal. You can make a plan for how you can get it. What kind of instructions you should follow. Your direction should be clear it does not matter how much time it takes to reach the goal.

“Direction is most important than the speed”

lack of belief

Suppose you are doing math. It is very difficult for you to understand the questions. You are failing again and again. Now your perception will be that it is a very difficult subject you can’t do. Similarly, you are working on your goal you work hard, you have a clear goal, you are working on it consistently but you are failing again and again. Now you will be thinking that it is very difficult I can not do. But if you believe that after failure there is a success I should not quit I should keep on working on it I shall succeed one day.

Thomas Edison was the biggest inventor of the 21st century. He fails ten thousand times to make a bulb light. He did not quite.He believed that I shall succeed one day. After ten thousand failures he succeeded and there is a bulb in every home due to his effort. Think if he does not believe in his success he quit, then can we light up our homes. We can not.

Now I am going to give you some tips on you can increase your belief in yourself. Before that, I want to tell you a story. In matric, we asked our teacher if subjects are very difficult for us how it is possible for us to make them easy. He said:” when you are ready for school, stand in front of the mirror and say books are easy “ you will not believe it became very easy for us. Here is a tip talk to yourself and believe that it is easy for you. You will succeed one day. You need to keep on it.

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